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Lefkada at a Glance

Superb beaches, beautiful restaurants, top destination for the water sports lovers, cosmopolitan nightlife and a pole of attraction for both families, couples and young people. The island of the heavenly-made coastline is a destination of a million faces. Lefkada is an exciting melting pot amidst the Ionian Sea, where there is enough space for everyone and plenty choices to cover all tastes, whether it is the family, or the young holidaymakers or even the true romantics and equally the fans of the good living. A typical Mediterranean paradise, it boasts over 300 days of sunshine throughout the year making it the perfect destination even out of season.

Center of Lefkada

This is where the heart of the island beats strong. This is where most visitors will show up for their morning coffee in style, for their boutique shopping sprees and their evening cocktails. From the island’s port to the lagoon at the historic center -a spot where the colourful houses are lingering over the Ionian Sea- and from the narrow stone-paved alleys to the main square, the center of Lefkada is a heavenly place for endless strolls and people watching. Meander through its labyrinth of picturesque alleys and be a witness of the most cosmopolitan way of living and doing things on the Greek island, Lefkada.

For a first round of cocktails, approach the famous part in the heart of the center called lagoon and enjoy the golden hour. Select one or more of the bars in a row and indulge in a cocktails session sipping slowly as the orangey-red shades of the sky keep you company. Also worthy to see are the famous windmills for an amazing sunset. Head to Agios Ioannis Beach just near the city center where the complex of Windmills are located and date back to the early 20th century by admiring the oozing views from the preserved in splendid condition windmills.

The Beaches 

Lefkada is embraced by idyllic, white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. Some of the beaches are well organized with the relevant amenities, parasols, sunbeds and plenty of beach bars and restaurants to choose from, while others are quite unspoiled and original. Also, there are popular spots for never-ending beach parties as well as water sports and a bunch of fun activities such as water skiing, canoes, pedal boats, parasailing, jet skis, banana boats, flyboard and scuba diving.

Spend your day at the world-famous multi-awarded and prominent Egremni Beach and Porto Katsiki Beach. Kathisma Beach will reward you to the maximum with its amazing setting, while Agiofili Beach and Agios Ioannis Beach seems to be a tropical paradise. For relaxation and stress release there are lovely picturesque waterfront villages scattered around the island, like for instance Agios Nikitas and Mylos Beach next to it. In addition, you could have a tour of the island and discover many other beaches less crowded and less known which, nonetheless, constitute hidden treasures for the few visitors who will make the effort to come into contact with the essence of the island.   

Lefkada has to offer some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, which are also listed as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.